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10/09/17 11:54 AM #1    

Karey Lynne Krus (Hoyt)

Yes...we will be there on Saturday night.

Rickey Hoyt

Karey Krus Hoyt


See you there!



10/09/17 02:29 PM #2    

Dennis Joel Lang

I’m alive & well down on a farm with my love,4 dogs,38 chickens,& 6 ducks...Yes,I eat lots of free range eggs.

10/09/17 03:53 PM #3    

Brenda Jean Jolly (Golvach)

This is so great! Thanks Terry!

10/11/17 11:51 AM #4    

Elizabeth Joyce Tumis (Hermis)

Yes we will be there Saturday for Reunion!

Elizabeth Tumis Hermis

Dennis Hermis

10/11/17 11:57 AM #5    

Catherine Elaine -Cathy Stewart (Robertson)

We (Bobby and I) will be at Gayle & Ned's Friday and will arrive late to the main event on Saturday due to assisting our son, Brian in hosting a surprise birthday party for his wife, Julie. A special thank you to the reunion committee for picking up my complete slack since our son was diagnosed with cancer and began treatment this year. I am forever grateful  to each of you for the calls, emails, texts and notes. See you all soon. ❤️ Cathy

10/11/17 12:22 PM #6    

William Edward -Bill Southward

Per your email request.  I am attending Friday night, Saturday Waltrip tour, and the dinner Saturday night.  I will pay at the door.  William ( Bill ) Southward

10/11/17 01:46 PM #7    

Gary Kosut

Per your email request, I plan on attending the Saturday Waltrip tour and the dinner Saturday night.  I will pay at the door.  My brother (Lanny Kosut, Class of 1974) plans to attend the Waltrip Tour also.

Gary M. Kosut 

10/11/17 02:08 PM #8    

Terry Lee (Rosing)

I will be attending Saturday night...Terry Lee-Rosing

10/12/17 02:30 PM #9    

Roxanne Myers (Clepper)

I will be attending Friday night, Saturday tour, and Saturday night. My brother Jerry Myers will be attending with me on Friday night and Saturday night. My ex-husband, Cecil Clepper,  may be with me also for Friday night and then again, he may not be...who knows..and they say it's women that can't make up there minds....LOL

10/12/17 05:49 PM #10    

Deborah Day (Alvarado)

Roy and I are unable to make it Gayle and Neds'... (I let her know) we will however be at Cadillac Bar. Looking forward to seeing everyone!🎉🥂

10/12/17 07:44 PM #11    

Leonard Anthony -Len D'Eramo

My wife (Rhonda) and I will attend the Saturday night festivities.  I too, will pay at the door.  Thanks to all the committee members for pulling such a fine weekend together.  -- D'Eramo

10/12/17 10:14 PM #12    

Diane Elizabeth Tompkins (Murrell)

We will attend  Friday evening, the tour, and Saturday evening.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Diane and Bill Murrell

10/12/17 10:29 PM #13    

Robert Bayes

Unfortunately, we won't be able to attend but we wish everyone a great time.

10/13/17 10:17 AM #14    

Victoria Lynn -Vicki Gutta (Sansum)

I will be there and pay at the door.

10/13/17 11:49 AM #15    

Vicki Jo Green (Keiser)

Look forward to seeing folks tonight - also Liz Land Johnston will attend

10/13/17 01:17 PM #16    

Shirley Irene Kylberg (Showell)


We will be there Saturday night.  May have to cancel coming tonight.

Look forward to seeing everyone !

Shirley Kylberg Showell



10/14/17 06:40 AM #17    

Jon Doyle

I am sorry I am not able to attend, but wish I was there.

Jon Doyle


10/20/17 01:46 PM #18    

Brenda Jean Jolly (Golvach)

Who left a pair of glasses at Cadillac Bar? I have them!

08/09/19 07:40 PM #19    

Dena Renee Broussard (Theis)

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Brenda Golvach!

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